Network Refresh in Cypress, TX

Effortlessly upgrade old, outdated or out-of-service network infrastructure with our network refresh in Cypress, TX.
With the new era of IoT (Internet of Things) devices upon us, and every employee having multiple devices connected to the network, old networking infrastructure simply cannot keep up. Networking equipment, especially that set up in sub-optimal ways or with aging configuration standards, can buckle under the demands of a modern business.

RangerWi-Fi offers network refresh services in Cypress, TX to upgrade, optimize and clean up your networking infrastructure, hardware and software. Contact us at (281) 638-8835 for more information and a customized quote for your business.

Network Refresh
Network Refresh Services in Cypress, TX And Surrounding Areas
A network refresh is a complete overhaul of an existing IT (information technology) infrastructure. This involves swapping out old hardware (such as routers, switches and modems) for fresh, new hardware, in addition to refreshing the existing network topology to suit the current requirements of your business. This will result in a much more efficient and secure network infrastructure, which also allows you to benefit from modernized services, protocols and standards.

When you choose RangerWi-Fi’s network refresh service in Cypress, TX, we conduct a thorough assessment of your networking infrastructure, configuration and topology before producing a plan for your network refresh that provides you with tangible benefits without breaking the bank. Call us at (281) 638-8835 for a consultation.

Why Is A Network Refresh Necessary?
A business’ networking equipment will eventually age or wear out beyond repair. This is inevitable; it’s the nature of technology that it becomes obsolete without regular updates to keep pace with newer technologies. Older equipment often has outdated configuration standards, old software versions, or too many legacy services enabled and can hinder the overall performance of the network.

When RangerWi-Fi performs a network refresh in Houston, TX and surrounding areas for your business, our checklist includes the following:

  • Swap out aging networking hardware with newer models that are more powerful and versatile.
  • Increase bandwidth, reduce congestion and improve service quality throughout your network.
  • Improve performance and fulfill the growing demands of your business’ IT infrastructure.
  • Improved security. Newer hardware and software is patched to secure against vulnerabilities and receive regular updates from manufacturers.

Interested in a network refresh for your business? Get in touch with us today at (281) 638-8835 for a consultation, or if you have any questions or concerns.

How To Know It’s Time To Get A Network Refresh
Organizations in any industry sector can benefit from a network refresh, since no business is too small or too large to escape the modern threat of ransomware, cyberattacks and digital espionage. Malicious actors are always looking for ways to compromise your company’s network and steal or hold ransom sensitive customer or client information. A network refresh is an effective way to proactively stay ahead of and prevent these threats from affecting your company.

Some signs to consider getting a network refresh include:

  • Paying too much for IT maintenance, repairs or fixes
  • Experiencing spotty or unreliable service quality
  • Perpetually updating software and drivers to resolve conflicts, crashes, or other performance issues
  • On a slow connection and spending too much time waiting for websites to load or downloads to finish
  • Frustration with employee and consumer complaints about connectivity

RangerWi-Fi is here to serve your company with advanced improvements to your architecture and security with our network refresh services in Cypress, TX. To get in touch with our expert team, contact (281) 638-8835.

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