Application Security in Cypress, TX

Eliminate and remediate security vulnerabilities in your day-to-day software during and after deployment with RangerWi-Fi’s application security experts in Cypress, TX.
With today’s applications being increasingly web-based and accessible via any host device using a browser and internet connection, there is an increased potential for security threats, breaches and protocol exploits. With RangerWi-Fi’s application security in Cypress, TX, you can make security considerations for your application throughout the development lifecycle through to deployment, with the aid of our trusted application security experts.

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Application Security

What Is Application Security?

Application security is a broad term that refers to the security controls that are put into place to protect your application from external and internal threats. This could include application security software, such as antivirus, anti-malware, intrusion detection systems and other types of protection software. Application security can also include the following:

  • Protection of the integrity of your application (data) at all times
  • Protection against malicious attacks
  • Ensuring that you follow industry standards with regards to required code reviews and testing procedures.

Revealing weaknesses at the application level allows you to mitigate attacks that can happen after deployment, compromising user information, system security and the reputation of your business.

Why Do You Need Application Security?
Recent research indicates that IT security professionals believe internal attacks to be the most significant threat to their information assets. In today’s day and age, with the increase in use of non-traditional devices (i.e., smartphones and tablets) accessing your sensitive application data, there is an increase in potential breaches in physical and digital security, whether intentional or unintentional.

As your application becomes more popular, it increases the chances that someone will try to hack into it. This can happen both in terms of attack vectors and from some users being lax with good operational and information security protocols.

Another reason for application security is the shared resource environment presented by cloud applications, where extra care is involved in making sure the transmitted data is isolated from unauthorized access and that the cloud environment is secure.

Application security should be incorporated at each step of the development process, from requirements through to deployment. RangerWi-Fi is here to help you with your application security in Cypress, TX from coding, through testing and deployment. Contact us at (281) 638-8835 to learn more.

Our Application Security Services in Cypress, TX

Depending on the needs, size and scope of your project, we offer a variety of application security services to help you lessen the potential of attack and secure your application against malicious actors. These include:

  • Application Security Software, in order to secure your application and its data against external threats.
  • Code Reviews, where our experts meticulously review your code, ensuring that there are no vulnerabilities.
  • Application Penetration Testing, which will verify the security of your application and determine whether it is vulnerable to attack.
  • Application Security Updates, in order to keep your application up-to-date with the latest security patches and the most effective security protocols.
  • Verification & Validation Services (V&V) and QA (Quality Assurance), to ensure that your application meets industry standards, user requirements and legal compliance.

Our trusted application security experts in Cypress, TX can also help you with implementing secure development processes, secure coding and secure design. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our application security services by calling (281) 638-8835