Penetration Testing in Cypress, TX

Get professional, ethical advice from hacking experts on protecting your business infrastructure and data.

How easy is it for someone to hack into your business? Get professional, ethical advice from hacking experts on protecting your business infrastructure and data.

Penetration testing is a security assessment technique that explores your business infrastructure’s vulnerabilities in an attempt to find and fix them. Taking action towards vulnerabilities found in penetration testing can help ensure your IT environment is secure from malicious threats.

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Why Does My Business Need A Penetration Test?

Penetration Testing
Your business can be subject to numerous threats from cyber criminals, including hackers who have access to your computer network and information. These hackers exploit vulnerabilities in your security systems, employee training, data storage methodology and more to get into your network.

Penetration testing enables you to fix vulnerabilities before malicious hackers can take advantage of them and potentially cause damage. It involves ethical hackers (also called white hat hackers) who are security experts in the same field. They take on the role of a hacker, testing your systems and equipment for vulnerabilities.

Then, your penetration tester will report their findings to you and let you know what vulnerabilities exist, allowing you to secure and remove them before a real hacker ever gets the chance to use them to break in.

With RangerWi-Fi’s penetration testing service in Cypress, TX, you’ll gain real insights into the state of your network.

The Benefits Of Penetration Testing For Your Business
  • Prevent losses, saving time and money. Small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly becoming the target of hackers across the world. Even a single ransomware attack can cause you significant financial losses, set your business back, and even cause it to shut down while you fix the problem. Pen testing prevents this from happening to you۔
  • Gain a clear understanding of where to spend your IT budget. Thanks to the specific insights you get from a penetration tester, you only spend money where it’s needed most, with the peace of mind that comes with proof that your vulnerabilities are now secured against۔
  • Improve security for customers, employees and staff. Because penetration testing ensures you have a more secure infrastructure, you can confidently operate your business without the worry of potential cyber intrusion or attacks۔

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Our Penetration Testing Services in Cypress, TX

We specialize in a number of penetration testing methods that can give you a look at the overall security health of your business IT infrastructure. From individual computers to complete network testing, we can assess your systems based on the scope you need. To do this, we can perform:

  • Wi-Fi penetration
  • Advanced network analysis and penetration
  • Web application penetration
  • Mobile device penetration
  • E-mail and web server penetration
  • Reverse-engineering to inject malicious code
  • Password cracking
  • Website auditing and monitoring
  • Denial of service (DoS) attacks

By testing your network’s strengths and weaknesses through a deliberate, planned penetration test, you can proactively defend against real attacks by bad actors and effectively strengthen your network.

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