Network Infrastructure Security in Cypress, TX

Secure and protect your network against unauthorized access and malicious actors with our premium network infrastructure security services.
Network infrastructure security broadly encompasses every aspect of your network. It consists of protection measures against unauthorized access to or malicious actors on your network to maintain the availability and integrity of the data on your network.

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Network Infrastructure Security
What Can We Help You With?
In this day and age, data is more valuable than ever before. Your company depends on its data. When it comes under threat, it can disrupt daily business operations, making you lose customers and ultimately putting your company at risk for financial loss.

Your company’s network is the backbone for your business operations, with tens, hundreds or even thousands of connected devices exchanging information and interfacing with the internet. We help you keep it free of problems, conflicts and technical issues that can impair operations.

At RangerWi-Fi, we provide service, support and maintenance for the full stack of networking infrastructure for your business, from design, proofs and engineering to ongoing checkups ensuring the health of your network.

In addition, we provide industry-standard security protocols to ensure each point of your network is protected against unauthorized access, malware and ransomware, while protecting against malicious actors such as hackers or identity thieves. We also provide the appropriate technical training to ensure your employees have the necessary tools to keep their networks secure on a day-to-day basis.

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Our Network Infrastructure Security Services in Cypress, TX
With decades of collective experience in network infrastructure security, RangerWi-Fi has the experience and expertise to maintain your network infrastructure using holistic, top-down solutions that consider a more complete picture of your systems and integration. Our services include:
  • Network security assessments to evaluate your business’ security posture and make actionable recommendations to improve it.
  • Hardening your network against unauthorized access from onsite and offsite locations.
  • Maintaining data integrity, even when devices are compromised by malware or ransomware.
  • Securing access to cloud-based applications while ensuring data is not at risk of being lost or corrupted by ensuring security is built in the cloud.
  • Service and support for routers, access points, firewalls and integrated networking solutions.
  • InfoSec and penetration testingto comprehensively determine vulnerabilities and proactively fix them to eliminate exploit potential.
  • Intrusion prevention systems(IPS) that help monitor and control traffic to protect against malicious actors trying to exploit weaknesses.
  • Cyber threat intelligence to anticipate cybersecurity risks, including advanced behavioral analytics to monitor and flag abnormal or malicious behavior.
RangerWi-Fi has the technical know-how to engineer your secure network in Cypress, TX and surrounding areas. If you have a new project or are interested in securing an existing one, we can help you out. Get in touch with us a (281) 638-8835.