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How Can You Enhance Coverage of WiFi Signals in a Warehouse?

Oct 15, 20221065 Views

WiFi installation for a warehouse is not as easy as it is for random households. The main reason for this is that the former requires broader and stronger coverage, whereas there are no such issues involved at home. Designing WiFi For a Warehouse There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed, filling […]

What Does Penetration Testing Mean?

Sep 30, 2022404 Views

In the standard versions, software plus systems are designed initially to aim eliminating dangerous security flaws. Penetration testing or a pen test provides an insight into how successful that went. What actually is Penetration testing? Penetration testing (also referred to as pen testing) is a security checkup where a cyber-security expert tries search for weaknesses […]

Top 9 Examples Of a Malicious Code

Sep 15, 20221443 Views

Malicious codes are not a new thing anymore, they have been hovering in the world of technology for almost 50 years! But what is malicious code? It is construction for destruction; a code designed to harm or hack a computer system. Since it is quite common, cyber awareness is important; you should know some examples […]

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Aug 30, 20221897 Views

Managed IT services are a wide variety of Hybrid remote model IT services. This includes responsibilities ranging from the particular on-demand response. Such service providers have the following advantages: they significantly reduce in-house overhead, boost IT efficiency, and work for the betterment of uptime management. However, they also have to ensure compliance with regulatory bodies […]

5 Ways To Deal With Cyber Security Course If It Is Hard

Aug 15, 2022869 Views

There is no “one formula fits all” situation when it comes to studying. Is cyber security hard to learn? Well, that depends on your intellect and efforts. Moreover, how the whole course turns out for you depends on your interest level. If you are keen to know about technology, take an interest in solving complex […]