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Cybersecurity Culture in Organizations – Why Is It So Important?

Jun 30, 20235981 Views

The emphasis on the importance of cybersecurity is now more than ever. With the evolving array of cyber threats, organizations worldwide are at a threat. To solve and prevent this, it is a must to create a strong cybersecurity culture within your organization. How to Create a Cybersecurity Framework? Here is a quick step-wise guide. […]

How To Deal With The Growing Threat Of Ransomware?

Jun 15, 20231602 Views

With many small businesses emerging, the competition in the market is increasing exponentially, and so is the threat of ransomware attacks. Let’s discuss what it is and ways to combat this breach of privacy. What Is Meant By Ransomware? It is a type of malicious software which takes hostage of the victim’s data by encrypting […]

Cyber Risk Assessment Procedure 101

May 30, 20234967 Views

Step 1: Detailing Information Assets To begin, the risk management team should make a habit of comprehensively cataloging all information assets within the organization. This includes the IT infrastructure, as well as various Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions used. Additionally, it is crucial to consider the data processed by these systems. The cataloging should […]

The Role of Cyber Insurance In Risk Management

May 15, 20231845 Views

Whenever you hear the term “insurance,” your mind automatically goes towards either health or assets like your car. But have you ever thought of cyber insurance? It has gained popularity over the past few years and is taking the industry by storm. What Is Cyber Insurance? The role of cybersecurity risk management insurance is about […]

Wireless Networks Under Siege: 7 Tips to Fortify Your WiFi Security

Apr 30, 20233547 Views

In today’s day and age of advanced technology, we’re all somehow connected. Whether it’s via your phone, tablet, laptop, or any type of smart device, we’re all in touch. So much so that for some people, living without a wireless internet connection has become next to impossible. But as our dependency grows, so does cybercrime. […]

Does Remote Working Increase The Risk Of Cyber Attacks?

Apr 15, 20232008 Views

In this remote working or “work from home” era, companies are now at increased cyber-attack risks. Many individuals question the need to work on-site if the opposite is possible. Well, we will tell you the impact of remote work on cybersecurity and the issues that have taken a hit. Does Remote Working Impact Cybersecurity In […]

Cyber Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Mar 30, 20233867 Views

This era is ruled by digitization, and cybersecurity has become an important concern more than ever before. With heaps of people relying on technology for everyday work such as offices, communication, and entertainment, the need for proper cyber hygiene has become paramount. The bad news is that many people still do not have proper exposure […]

What Is The Role and Need of Cyber Security In Healthcare Organizations?

Mar 15, 20232122 Views

In this era of digital technology, every industry is dependent on computer systems, and healthcare organizations are no different. They have increasingly relied on computer systems to manage patient data, medical records, and other sensitive information. This dependency has created cyber security issues in the healthcare system to a great extent. In this blog, let’s […]

5-Step Guide To Reset Your Router

Feb 28, 20234097 Views

If you have some issues with your WiFi router, why don’t you reset it? Do not fret over it so much; the issue is quite common and easily resolvable. Let us walk you through the steps on how to reset your router in a jiffy. Step 1: Locate the Reset Button Start with locating the […]

7 Tips To Set Up Multiple WiFi Access Points

Feb 15, 20232148 Views

If you are struggling to cover a large area with a suitable WiFi network, try giving out multiple access points. However, it is not as simple as placing routers everywhere for strong signals, but worth putting effort into it. Read on to know the importance of signal strength and its material impact on it, along […]