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What Is The Role and Need of Cyber Security In Healthcare Organizations?

Mar 15, 202354 Views

In this era of digital technology, every industry is dependent on computer systems, and healthcare organizations are no different. They have increasingly relied on computer systems to manage patient data, medical records, and other sensitive information. This dependency has created cyber security issues in the healthcare system to a great extent. In this blog, let’s […]

5-Step Guide To Reset Your Router

Feb 28, 2023255 Views

If you have some issues with your WiFi router, why don’t you reset it? Do not fret over it so much; the issue is quite common and easily resolvable. Let us walk you through the steps on how to reset your router in a jiffy. Step 1: Locate the Reset Button Start with locating the […]

7 Tips To Set Up Multiple WiFi Access Points

Feb 15, 2023217 Views

If you are struggling to cover a large area with a suitable WiFi network, try giving out multiple access points. However, it is not as simple as placing routers everywhere for strong signals, but worth putting effort into it. Read on to know the importance of signal strength and its material impact on it, along […]

Why Does My Internet keeps Dropping Every Few Minutes?

Jan 30, 2023440 Views

Is your internet also dropping every few minutes? If yes, then your network is crying for help. It is a major sign that your home wireless network needs a check. Here are the top 10 reasons why your WiFi keeps disconnecting. 10 Reasons Why Your Internet Dropping Every Few Minutes There could be various causes […]

7 Ways To Speed Up Broadband

Jan 15, 2023317 Views

The internet is an essential tool of this era. Be it a person sitting comfortably at home or someone who wants to run a business, internet service is a must. As far as business is concerned, you do not want to lag due to less internet speed. This issue is quite common, so you should […]

Why Is Endpoint Security Important?

Dec 30, 20221119 Views

Endpoint security is a type of cybersecurity that is one of the business essentials now. But what does endpoint actually mean, and why does it need security? Well, they are basically your devices, such as laptops, tablets, phones, etc. Security focuses on protecting your devices connected to a network. Endpoint cyber security involves implementing measures […]

Everything You Need To Know About Wireless Site Surveys

Dec 15, 2022443 Views

It is not easy to design a fool-proof network, whether wired or non-wired. The network must provide apt wireless coverage and strong signal strength, whether used for connecting computers and printers, warehouse inventory systems, or automated factory machinery. A wireless site survey is a process to assess the suitability of a location for installing a […]

Why to get cybersecurity in hospitals?

Nov 30, 2022836 Views

The healthcare setup is becoming tech-savvy as time passes by, and so is getting prone to cyber-attacks as well. That is why cybersecurity in setups like hospitals, clinics, etc., is crucial for patient safety. The sudden rise in the frequency of information breaches from hospitals or the overall healthcare industry is appalling. It has now […]

5 Reasons Why Wireless Technology In Healthcare Is The Need Of Time

Nov 15, 2022651 Views

The healthcare system is dynamic, always busy, and on the roll. There is no concept of a lazy day, and smart healthcare is gaining popularity now. With the help of wireless technology, healthcare system communication is getting better, and so is efficiency outcome on the whole. One such example is storing patient records. Traditionally, the […]

How Do Wireless Solutions Help Hospitality Industry?

Oct 30, 20221123 Views

Industries must be at the top of their game to sustain their market position. Every sector has become highly competitive, and so have tourism and hospitality. So, can we use the internet or wireless networking solutions facility to gain an edge in the hospitality industry? What are the advantages of incorporating it? Let’s find out. […]