7 Ways To Speed Up Broadband

The internet is an essential tool of this era. Be it a person sitting comfortably at home or someone who wants to run a business, internet service is a must. As far as business is concerned, you do not want to lag due to less internet speed. This issue is quite common, so you should know a few hacks to speed up your broadband.

Let’s take a look.

7 Hacks To Speed Up Your Broadband

Start by doing the following:

Do a Speed Check

It is essential to start by finding out the speed you are getting. This is possible with the help of a computer connected to your router through an ethernet network cable. You may need a USB adapter if your computer does not have a port built-in.

If connection through ethernet is impossible, use a modern phone, laptop, or tablet on WiFi as close to your router as possible.

Every major wireless manufacturer releases regular firmware updates to keep their devices at optimal speed.

The good news is that it is easy to check if for updates regarding your access points by looking up their model number.

Aside from maximizing business WiFi speed, it is important to keep your firmware updated. This ensures that your company’s network has protection by the latest and most effective security protocols.

Reposition your router

If your broadband is fast, but WiFi is weak, change that. Move the router closer to the center or toward the area which requires the strongest signal.

Check your settings

Usually, modern routers automatically choose the best settings. However, manual checking with the help of a web interface is possible.

A WiFi device operating at 2.4GHz needs a range of frequency channels. Therefore, to minimize interference, switch to channel 1, 6, or 11, which do not overlap.

Check your devices

Your broadband or internet slows down to your devices rather than the router. For computers that are not new, upgrading your WiFi adapter may help.

If you have equal to or more than 40 devices connected at one time, consider disconnecting a few to have more bandwidth for those you need most.

Extend Your WiFi reach

If your WiFi can’t reach every area, extend the signal of your current router using add-on gadgets.

Upgrade Your Router

If your router is at fault, replacing it is the most effective way to improve your WiFi. However, it will cost you more.

Control apps or devices that interfere with your connection

Keep a password-protected network for better security. This way, it is possible to know exactly the number of people using your wireless network.

Moreover, it can effectively put an end to hackers accessing any sensitive information. The more devices or apps are on your company’s network, the slower your business WiFi speed will be.

Other than that, video chatting and live-streaming apps are major bandwidth users. Many modern access points limit users’ access to these kinds of programs.

Final Words

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