Month: June 2023

Cybersecurity Culture in Organizations – Why Is It So Important?

Jun 30, 20235984 Views

The emphasis on the importance of cybersecurity is now more than ever. With the evolving array of cyber threats, organizations worldwide are at a threat. To solve and prevent this, it is a must to create a strong cybersecurity culture within your organization. How to Create a Cybersecurity Framework? Here is a quick step-wise guide. […]

How To Deal With The Growing Threat Of Ransomware?

Jun 15, 20231604 Views

With many small businesses emerging, the competition in the market is increasing exponentially, and so is the threat of ransomware attacks. Let’s discuss what it is and ways to combat this breach of privacy. What Is Meant By Ransomware? It is a type of malicious software which takes hostage of the victim’s data by encrypting […]